Franchise Software: A Must Have for Every Franchise Consultant

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It’s a battle out there!

With a franchise outlet opening every 8 minutes of a business day, it would be fair to say that the franchise or retail chain industry is getting more and more competitive. Franchise owners across businesses will vouch for increased cost of production while prices remain relatively stagnant as competition intensifies. Even as businesses expand, ensuring brand consistency remains an uphill task. Timely delivery of marketing collaterals across locations poses its own set of logistical nightmares. Effectively communicating with franchisees, be it for sharing recent updates, imparting trainings or collating sales numbers, remains a key challenge.

Enter the dragon slayer - the Franchise Consultant:

Franchise consultants are active in a variety of businesses ranging from food, wellness, home improvement, clothing labels, child care and educational programmes to pet supply stores. While franchise consultants are typically people with significant experience in the retail industry, they are also expected to be masters in all aspects of franchise management. Their work involves guiding franchise owners (and franchisees) on which businesses to invest in, handling business contracts, assisting in obtaining credit, franchisee recruitment and support set-up, developing a training framework and marketing strategy while also ensuring operational coherence across locations. Needless to say, a tall order!

‘Franchise Software’ – the ‘must have’ weapon for every franchise consultant

As franchise businesses expand exponentially or seek to do so, can technology be used to address some of the burning issues facing franchise owners and in particular the franchise consultant? Yes – the answer lies in franchise software implementation! Franchise software, such as CCM by Chainformation, has been developed specifically to meet the demands of the retail chain or franchise businesses. Using cloud technology, franchise software enables real-time flow of information between franchise owners and franchisees. Some of the many benefits that can be achieved by implementing franchise software are:

  • A centrally maintained easy to access digital operations manual

  • E-learning courses for staff as per their role

  • Sharing information on ongoing marketing offers and collating feedback on their success in attracting customers

  • Facilitating best practise sharing across locations

  • Executing engagement strategies such as client loyalty programmes

  • Reporting of sales numbers on real-time basis

The ease of customization to suit a retail organization’s requirements makes franchise software a better option than Microsoft SharePoint or the company intranet. And it gets better - franchise software can be implemented within 2-4 weeks at a cost of a monthly cell phone plan per location.

Offering franchise software as part of the portfolio of services has become imperative for franchise consultants, if they like their clients, are to thrive in the cut throat world of franchise management. For those still not convinced on the benefits of franchise software, Chainformation a leading provider of franchise management and communication systems, offers its franchise software CCM for a trial period of 8 weeks for 500 Euro with a money back guarantee.




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Franchise Software: A Must Have for Every Franchise Consultant

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Franchise Software: A Must Have for Every Franchise Consultant

This article was published on 2013/04/11